Spark By ClickBank Review

Are you keen on making good money with the help of online marketing and sales? Running a successful online business is the ultimate dream of millions across the world. Umpteen number of people are frantically looking for tutorials, ebooks, and websites to help them. Websites that claim to help you launch and run a profitable online business have mushroomed all over. Of course, a lot of them are empty vessels and if you are serious about your plans, you need to learn to identify the wheat from the chaff.

ClickBank has always been a guiding factor for many. Recently they launched a new learning platform known as Spark. It is said to have replaced ClickBank University. It offers lots of valuable information on online marketing and sales, especially for beginners. As you surf the Internet, you will come across many such courses which claim to take you to heights of success, but only after investing in these courses will you realize that they are not what you are looking for!

What is Spark and how it functions

Spark By Clickbank

ClickBank has come up with an official training platform called Spark and it is aimed at providing valuable information to all internet marketers, especially beginners. ClickBank University was launched in 2014 and two years after this, ClickBank came up with CBU 2.0 to offer more targeted training to online marketers. Now Spark has replaced CBU 2.0 with a totally new approach.

Spark comes to you at a much affordable cost, unlike the other courses. It offers 17 courses and 65 videos to you once you have paid for it. The details of the courses are:

Courses 1 to 3 – It introduces the program and offers a crash course on internet marketing. You are given complete knowledge of how the top online marketers work. You understand how ClickBank plays a role here.

Courses 4 to 7 – It is here that the actual program begins. You understand psychology, direct marketing, and product ownership. It makes you understand the major differences between physical products and digital ones. You will know more about hybrid products too. When you complete course six, you will have a clear idea of using “storytelling tactics” that help in converting. You will also find a review of the PAS method, also known as Problem, Agitate, Solution. You will get a crash course on Compliance in chapter 7.

Spark By Clickbank

Courses 8 to 9 – Course 8 is an especially important part as it teaches you the entire system, such as the creation of the offer page, landing page, and order form. You will learn how to get in touch with such customers who do not respond to emails. Course 9 offers a close look at different types of content and funnels such as eBooks, videos, case studies, long-form content, and blog posts. This is an essential part of the program, the one I found to be most useful.

Courses 10 to 12 – An introduction to the specialized tools that are used by many internet marketers so that time and money can be saved is what you get here. You will also learn about creating the landing page as described in the previous units. You get an idea of different types of tools and about outsourcing. You learn to create membership sites here.

Courses 13 to 14 – An understanding of affiliate marketing, which products to work on, and an idea of how the experts work on these aspects is provided. Also, you will get to know how to get traffic for your offers. These chapters also talk about lead magnets, blogging, and personas. What I liked here is that as a newbie with no idea of the technical terms used in the niche, I could understand everything.

Course 15 – You get a clear picture of how to come up with a novel advertisement for the product you propose to sell. Identifying the precise audience, optimizing the ad, and how to make it lively and appealing to the viewers are some of the aspects discussed here. This is a very well-explained part of the program.

Courses 16 and 17 – These two courses talk about how digital marketing can be powerful, how people use ClickBank to showcase digital products, and how you can fix the price to get the maximum price. You will learn to:

  • Create your own sales page
  • Come up with a Thank you page
  • How to launch on ClickBank
  • How to use the ClickBank Affiliate Network
  • How to make use of Upsells

Spark is not meant for beginners alone but for all ranges of affiliate entrepreneurs. It provides information needed employing phrases and business ideas, why some ideas of marketing work and others fail, how to create impressive advertisements, and how to convert them into sales. The entire training process has been prepared by professional marketing consultants to train you to achieve. The program is meant for you if you want to reduce the time before you get the first ClickBank paycheck. I found the entire course to be prepared with cutting-edge tools, tutorials, and information on digital marketing. You are sure to learn all the details you need to market and sell in this digital world.


  • Has a professional look and the facts are well presented
  • The training part of it is clear and easily understandable
  • Reasonably priced compared to other courses
  • Training provided by ClickBank if that is the selected platform for you
  • The Vendors section is very decent with lessons on how to create a product and market it with the help of affiliate marketers
  • Money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the program


  • People feel that you cannot fully depend on ClickBank for your internet marketing for a very long time
  • ClickBank may not help you to earn substantial amounts at the beginning itself
  • Students believe that Spark does not help them overcome their tough times
  • Ongoing support seems to be lacking
  • Many feel that there is not enough depth and is too generic
  • Laying too much stress on paid traffic sources
  • Some feel that the course is not as easy as it claims to be

Final verdict

Spark by ClickBank provides you in-depth knowledge of both physical and digital products. An attractive package of vital marketing tools that you can rely upon for your promotion of products comes to you as an exchange for sale commissions. You can start selling a variety of digital products by creating a marketplace for exchange and a payment gateway system.

With a team that is experienced and equipped with extensive knowledge of digital marketing and a money-back guarantee if you are not happy about the product, you should have no issues in enrolling in the program. With a bit of hard work and luck, internet marketing may just be your thing!

Spark By Clickbank

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Author: cbpro